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Vibe Real Estate is one of the leading brokers for apartments for sale in Kigali


The majority of our properties are located in upscale neighborhoods, such as Nyarutarama, Kibagabaga, Kiyovu, and Kimihurura. Of course, our selection is not limited to that and we also have apartments available in other parts of Kigali.

In terms of size, we provide anything from studio apartments to large penthouses. In general, apartments are becoming more and more popular in Kigali, which attracts a lot of developers to the market. If you are interested in developing your own condo building and would like to receive some advice regarding the target population, rental prices in the area that you want to develop in, or other subjects, please feel free to reach out to us.

Apartments for sale vs. houses for sale

Kigali is a vibrant and growing city, and our selection of apartments for sale offers a wide range of options for those looking to invest in a new home. Unlike houses for sale, which typically have more space and a private yard, apartments are usually located in multi-unit buildings and offer more compact living spaces. However, apartments can still offer many of the same amenities and features as houses, such as modern appliances, high-quality finishes, and desirable locations.

Advantages of apartments

Our listings include a variety of apartments for sale in Kigali, from modern high-rise buildings to charming low-rise complexes. Some of the benefits of buying an apartment in Kigali include:

  • Convenience and accessibility: Many apartments are located in central areas, making it easy to access shops, restaurants, and public transportation.
  • Security and maintenance: Many apartments offer security features, such as gated entrances and on-site security personnel, as well as regular maintenance and upkeep of common areas.
  • Shared amenities: Many apartments offer shared amenities, such as swimming pools, gyms, and rooftop terraces, which can be enjoyed by residents without the added cost and upkeep of maintaining them individually.

On this page, you will exclusively find apartments for sale in Kigali. If you are looking for apartments for rent, please click this LINK.

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