Services & Agency Fees

We believe in transparency and professionalism – Therefore we always make sure to communicate our fees before actually starting to provide requested services. If you have further questions about specific services and offers, please don't hesitate to ask, we are always happy to assist.

Rentals & Sales
We make renting, buying or selling a property a seamless experience for you.
Property Advertising
Our Property Advertising team can help you reach a wide audience and attract potential buyers or tenants effortlessly.
Commercial Real Estate
Our experts know exactly where to find the best commercial properties in Kigali.
Property Management
Our professional property management team will take care of your properties.
Investor Services
We assist foreign investors in their real estate projects in Kigali. Get in touch with us to arrange an introduction call.
Real Estate Financing
We work with an extensive network of banks to find the best source of financing for your real estate project.

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